Riding a Banshee at Disney World’s Pandora Is Truly Magical

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Disney's Pandora- The World of Avatar

Your visit to Pandora: The World of Avatar is never complete without a ride on the back of a banshee. The Banshee Ride or the Avatar Flight of Passage is the most thrilling adventure ride that the Disney World’s New Avatar Themed Land has to offer. Just like the entire themed area, the ride and its background story too flaunts the familiar magical touch akin to all things Disney. One can easily see and sense the amount of creativity, detailing and technological brilliance that goes into the making of this one of a kind thrill. Truly the Disney Imagineers had given their best in designing and instilling life to another most exciting immersive adventure of the time.

The Avatar Flight of Passage is one of the two ride attractions the new Land has to offer. The experience is unique, taking you further into the story. It all starts with you being part of a long queue, passing through wild nature, including plants, waterfalls and painted caves. You go past an old but partly renovated Resources Development Administration lab. You will also come across a 10-foot tall blue – skinned native of Pandora as well.

Before the actual ride takes place, guests have to go through two video pre-shows. The first one with a scientist who makes the guests stand in lines for the scanning and matching with an avatar. The second one also with a scientist who is examining the endangered banshee, and who explains you about the sacred ritual of the tall blue natives before riding the banshee, namely Ikran.

Following the video pre-shows, you take your seat on the back of your banshee. The safety restraints were activated and you are safely locked from behind with your 3D specs on. And lo and behold your faces morphed into your avatars and the entire world of Pandora is right there in front of you to touch, feel and explore like never before.

Disney’s Pandora is not just about banshee ride only. It’s a whole new land with bioluminescent plants, floating mountains, a boat ride, a storefront and a restaurant with extra-terrestrial menus, and much more, all inspired from the film. Moreover, it’s a different feel with the glowing plants at nights. One should experience Pandora – both during the day and at night to enjoy the unique feelings.

Both Pandora rides have long waits. Guests can use their Fastpass+ reservation option to cut the wait times from hours to few minutes. Arriving at the Park early, before it opens also help skip the growing crowd. But then make sure that there is no ‘Extra Magic Hours’ scheduled on that day. Unless you are a Disney Resort guest it’s better to avoid the day with Extra Magic Hours. You can try save some more on your park admissions by booking your discount disney tickets online, in advance from authorized ticket sellers like Officialticketcenter.com.

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Facts about Disney World Pin Trading

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Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida has always offered collectable and exclusive Disney pins in each of its parks. However, in October 1999 when the Millennium Celebration kicked off, the tradition of pin trading blossomed.

According to the Official Disney Pin Trading rules and etiquette, “The general rule on what constitutes a tradable pin is that it is a cloisonné, semi- cloisonné or hard-enamel metal Disney pin…and that it represents a specific Disney event, place or location, character or icon.”

Pin Trading with Cast Members

As you visit the various parks and resorts at Walt Disney World, you’ll notice that Cast Members wear colorful trading pins on a lanyard. Part of the pin trading magical experience is trading with Cast Members. Simply ask the Cast Member if they’d be interested in a trade by offering one of your pins for one of the pins on their lanyard.

Pin Trading Etiquette

Cast Members understand that children do become very excited when they’re visiting Disney World, but please keep children from grabbing or yanking at a Cast Member’s lanyard when pin trading. Pin trading etiquette includes:

  • Only trading one pin at a time
  • Always trade hand to hand, never attempt to remove the pin from the Cast Member’s lanyard
  • Some pins must be traded as a sets (Cast Members know which ones)
  • Cast Member Name Pins are not available for trade
  • Always trade with the pin’s back firmly attached for safety

Best Pins to Trade

The best pins to trade and to trade for are the ones that make you happiest. If the Cast Member at the Jungle Cruise has a Little Mermaid pin you love, offer a trade. Keep an eye out for unique pins and ones that may be discontinued. Before arriving for your Disney vacation, do a bit of pin trading research and find out which pins are popular, easily traded and which are most sought.

Best Places to Purchase New Pins

Building a pin collection can be great fun. Many pins are $10 or less, although some elaborate ones with moving parts or intricate details may be more. Visitors to Walt Disney World easily can find trading pins to purchase in shops throughout every park, resort and at Disney Springs, which is home to Disney Pin Traders a shop that exclusively sells Disney pins.

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Things to See & Do on Main Street U.S.A. at Walt Disney World

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Visitors to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World enter through the gates and into yesteryear as they step onto Main Street U.S.A. Walt Disney created Main Street U.S.A. to capture the spirit of the main street from his hometown of Marceline, Missouri. When vacationing at the Walt Disney World resort in Florida, plan to spend some time enjoying the sights, sounds and flavors of Walt’s Main Street U.S.A.

Main Street U.S.A. is an Attraction

While it’s not a ride like the Pirates of the Caribbean, Main Street U.S.A. is considered an attraction. It stretches for two complete blocks with shops, storefronts, eateries and even a working barber shop. It’s also home to City Hall and the Walt Disney World Railroad.

Main Street Vehicles

Catch a ride on an old-time vehicle! The Main Street vintage vehicles include antique cars, a jitney, a fire engine, omnibus and even a street car. One-way trips pick up at the transportation stops in Town Square and in front of Cinderella’s Castle at the central Plaza. The Main Street Vehicles do not run during parade times.

Meet Mickey and Tinker Bell

Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell meet and greet guests at the Town Square Theater, across from Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. FastPass+ is available for this meet-and-greet.

Get a Haircut

The Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street U.S.A. is a real, working barbershop that takes appointments for all ages for haircuts as well as shaves plus beard and mustache trimming. Make your child’s first haircut extra special by having it done at Disney. The barbershop offers a special My First Haircut package that includes a certificate and commemorative Mickey Ears.

Street Entertainment

Main Street U.S.A. always is bustling with something to see and do. Take a moment to enjoy an ice cream from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and listen to the Dapper Dans barbershop quartet perform or catch the Main Street Philharmonic play. There’s also the Main Street Trolley Show that performs multiple times daily.

View the Flag Retreat

Daily at 5 p.m., the Magic Kingdom performs a Flag Retreat in the Town Square of Main Street U.S.A. Cast members and guests say the Pledge of Allegiance and there are patriotic songs while the flag is lowered and folded. Each day a special guest is chosen to participate in the Flag Retreat. It’s a great moment to share with children of all ages.

Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom is so much more than just the most popular location to watch the park parades. It’s a vibrant attraction that must not be overlooked. Browse the shops, enjoy the different treats from Casey’s Corner or the Main Street Bakery and pose for pictures on one of the most famous streets in the world.

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Must-try Quick Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World

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The Walt Disney World resort in Florida offers some of the best dining experiences. Disney, unlike other theme parks, has elevated its food options, even its quick service/counter service menus. While guests still can enjoy a traditional hot dog and fries at Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom, there are many other quick-service options offering everything from sushi to vegetarian wraps and authentic French cuisine like quiche and Poulet au Pistou.

When visiting Disney World, don’t miss these unforgettable quick service restaurants.

Harambe Market (Animal Kingdom)

Indulge in an array of entrée choices that range from meat skewers to a gyro flatbread and spice-rubbed ribs. There are ample vegetarian options plus dessert such as the African milk tart, a chocolate tart with coconut custard and dark chocolate ganache drizzle.

Flame Tree BBQ (Animal Kingdom)

Choose from smoky pulled pork, Jamaican jerk chicken, smoked turkey breast or even a traditional Disney park’s turkey leg. Vegetarian meals include the savory/sweet watermelon salad.

Studio Catering Company (Hollywood Studios)

This quick service offers one of the best vegetable wraps in Disney World. The wrap features a spinach tortilla stuffed with fresh tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, watercress, provolone and a savory garlic herb spread. Meat eaters will enjoy the pulled beef brisket sandwich on ciabatta or the spicy chipotle ranch chicken sandwich.

Toy Story Pizza Planet (Hollywood Studios)

Kids and adults alike will love enjoying pizza and other sandwiches in this themed, quick service restaurant designed to recreate Pizza Planet from the movie “Toy Story.”

Tortuga Tavern (Magic Kingdom)

Sandwiches stuffed with roasted pork, barbecue chicken or pulled beef brisket are the stars at Tortuga Tavern located across from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Columbia Harbour House (Magic Kingdom)

Don’t miss the lobster/shrimp macaroni and cheese or the succulent lobster roll at the Columbia Harbour House. This quick service restaurant is located across from the entrance into the Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square. Other menu items include New England clam chowder, a fried shrimp plate, chicken pot pie and grilled salmon.

Sunshine Seasons (Epcot)

Located in Future World West in the Land pavilion (where Soarin’ is) Sunshine Seasons is a cafeteria-style eatery with many fresh food options. Menu items include Maryland-style crab soup, Mongolian beef, spicy fish tacos, stir fry, oak-grilled salmon, chicken wraps, a Cuban sandwich and more. The menu is huge and it’s easy to find something for everyone in your group.

Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles (Epcot)

Have lunch along a Parisian street when you choose the quick service Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles in the France pavilion of Epcot’s World Showcase. Indulge in quiche Lorraine or the croque Monsieur and don’t forget a decadent French pastry for dessert.

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